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Verge of Death…

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…I was dropped back home with the same unfelt feel of reality. I just dropped on the couch to overcome the most straining journey ever. After the wakeup call from the hospital, people around me realized that I was in verge to die.

I was soon rushed to the hospital and admitted. I was running out of the most important part of my blood (platelets) it had come down to such a low level that, all my veins were narrowed. Nurses were struggling to get a vein to put me on IV. I was poked around at as many places at once.

My Blood pressure was running very low. My pulse had reached 30-34. I was hurried away under the Electrocardiography, Scanning, and x-ray within a span of 30 minutes.

I was shocked with the treatment that my body was receiving. The doctor recommended for an immediate transfusion, and advised the nurses to keep a closer eye on me. That moment, I felt like I was under the scanner to know even a minute change in me.

This transition in this one hour put me to a state which made me spooky. I realized that I was on the death bed and anything could happen now. I just wanted to hug my husband so tightly that all of my broken pieces would stick back together. I missed my mommy’s innocent, caring and lovely face. I was worried about my dad. I wanted to meet my best friends. With those thoughts I remembered that I had to meet my friends the next day for a get- together.

With those eternal thoughts, wishes and memories I felt like I was entering into the state of eternal rest. I just wanted say by last lovely words to my lovely people. It was on the verge of death, I could feel the every nano second of life.

I understood that Memories define us. Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives. I lived through it. I felt the verge of death…


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