View From The Third Eye

The Unseen Side!

My most horrible Nightmare ever…

I am living with my boyfriend and my cousin sister. The house is located in the most congested place on earth. The minute you open the door and step out, you can’t even hear to your own thoughts in your mind.  The Street is Jam packed.  The front door is painted as “GOOD CRAP” in the weirdest fonts that are accessible.


One fine day, we three decide to push the boat out for getting liberated by the demon’s effect and its activity from our house. We are leaping with joy and feeling the fresh and relaxed air around.

Days pass by with ease & Joy…

On that particular day, we resolve on to backing up of our camera photos. The camera stops working normally and it will be working the nastiest way ever. During this flash of a second, all our photos from the earlier functions start to reappear; which was seemingly lost or deleted. We take a call to save all the photos and my boyfriend drives to get it reproduced.

I and my cousin agree to freshen up and go for supermarket run. She hurries to her room and me to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. As soon I enter the kitchen, I notice something unusual, a bad odour & I could sense that something is off beam.  I look around for clues and I see a saucepan on the cooktop. The cooktop is on, for god knows how long!? The pan is sizzling red and seemed like scorching with fury.

It looked like it’s going to liquefy at any second. I move closer, and attempt to put it down from the cooktop. Dreadfully, it slips and drops exactly in front of my leg. I headfirst to pick it up and I become conscious that I am in mid-air swaying like a balloon. That very second, I agreed that I am once more a dupe of suspicious demon’s influence.

I don’t give up; I start to hymn Hanuman Chaalis mantra, which seemingly helps you to be brave & to get out of such horribly, frightful things. Regrettably, I can’t even spell one single word. Instead, some bizarre words come out of my mouth. Soon, somehow the Saucepan comes in contact with my hand and my hand is burnt very badly.

Finally, my cousin comes in to the kitchen. With great relief I look out for some kind of help from her. Disappointed, I find that she is not willing to help. She is way too startled & terrified than I am. My love, with an intention to frame our memorable moments from past, lose me to the doorway of the horrifyingly haunting demon’s hand for ever.

I AM DEAD!!! I wake up with a big jolt and I am petrified, palpitating with fear. I look around my dark room and realise it’s the worst nightmare I have had.

to be continued…


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