View From The Third Eye

The Unseen Side!

The Beauty of the Complicated Life…

ComplexityThere’s only one thing in the world, which is complicated yet beautiful; LIFE.

Monday: Jostling with thoughts and memories about the weekend & the past life.

The day starts with the professional mailbox flooding in with emails. As and then I check my mails, and to do task bar, I remember all the work I have been doing as a Marketing Executive. Pending follow ups, updating PR’s, publishing news & data collection etc… I almost feel like you have entered into a different world.

I am so much a different person than I was during my weekend. I almost end up feeling like; the person who spent my weekend was my Alter Ego.

Tuesday: To do list always running at the back of my mind.

The day starts with the memory of Monday’s tasks. Plans for the coming week- I sincerely plan for the events, change in schedules, appointments. I’m so much in sync with my job.

I’m so much like a Monday person, efficient, hard working, where much dedicated to your profession.

Wednesday: Everything thing in sync with my profession.

The day is smooth as butter, which all the work, deadlines and follow ups on the go without much hassle. I plan all the work process, reports and developments for the next week. I do plan for the weekend outings, family get together, friends meet up 😛

But, I am much drifting apart from my professional work. I have plan for my personal life, my career, my passion. I think of things that I can do apart from my professional life.

Thursday: I have a different plan running in my mind.

The day is full off plans, what to do with your weekend, friend, career plans. To do lists for my career, meetings, discussions, tie-ups & your family get together etc.

Friday: I’m out of sync with my job.

I’m no longer determined with my job; I just do work to just end the day. I just want to run home and do those things, which I like the most. I no longer want to work for 9-6 jobs.

I’m losing it; I want to run away from this mechanical life. I end the day which much difficulty and all that I want to do is to get back home and relax.

Saturday: The day of Enjoyment.

The day I was looking for; the way I want my life to be.  My Career is my center of attraction. My subconscious mind is my master, the Master which was submerged.

I do take my career to the upmost level and cherish. I meditate, I live; I’m on my subconscious mind’s control, and I just Love it.

 Sunday: The most genuine part of your life.

This is the day which I like the most. The day spent with my friends and family. The day which is less calculative and less controlled by the technology. I am like the Real ME.

I’m like a super hero of my life. I’m the producer, I’m the director and I’m the actor. I’m so much in sync with my memories and thoughts. I’m so much in sync with myself.

The Monday: I’m so much into a different world again.

The brief description of my weekly tasks is so complicated and yet I love my life.  We all have an Ultimate Gift- The Memory. We all can just switch off and on our memories depending on to the place of work. The Beauty lies in how much you are in sync with your own memory & mind- technology (memo-logy)

The Life is no wonder complicate; yet, you embrace the complexity and you know it’s all defined to be complicated and you just work, live accordingly.  We all are defined to be working in certain manner; you just need to tune yourself in that path, subconsciously.

Kudos to our Memories!!



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