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View from the Third Eye

“The third eye (also known as the inner eye) is a mystical and esoteric concept referring to a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. In Hinduism, the third eye refers to the ajna, or brow, chakra.”

Not everyone will be able to see things beyond ordinary sight. You need colossal magnitude of imagination and creativity.

My Buddy, Tilak #bluphoton took this picture of an ordinary edible “Poori Unde” as we call in Kannada, sweet made out of puff rice, Bengal Gram and Jaggery.

puri unde

This incredible photo reminds of the thing that defines you in this universe.


Creativity is a Process of the Soul; it does not need an outcome or a product for the world to accept. It needs only the truth of its own expression. It comes from within and makes of your world whatever you wish it to make.

Don’t be afraid of your own creativity, honor it!

It doesn’t always have to be seen or approved by those around you. It’s an expression of your deep itself and it belongs as much to you as it does to the universe.

All creativity is not for everyone to like of understand. All Art is not up for sale. Some creativity has a bigger role to play. It is to keep you company when you are alone. When you need a friend, when the world doesn’t seem to understand you, your creativity will be the only thing that will keep you inspired and satisfied.”

Honor it to the end!

Photo Credit @bluphoton


Three things cannot be long hidden, The Sun, The Moon and

The Perspective.

Point of view as a they.



I have an Angel with me, Do you?!

Angels leave signs to reassure, comfort and guide us. Signs can be simply to let us know they are present. They can also be answers to questions we may have asked and guidance to help us through difficult times.

Often, I have heard that these signs appear in unexpected places and times from unexpected people. You just need to pay attention to see them. A sign can be in many forms like, Feathers, Coins, butterfly, cloud, dream, sparkle of light, numbers, senses, sounds and printed.

I always believed I have an angel beside me. And I have felt it too. Today, I get a sign from my angel.

I was all geared up to launch my day at office. And I find this on my keyboard, A Butterfly wing!


 A Sign from the Angel.

These winged beauties are a special sign from the Angels. They can just flitter by or even spend longs periods of time with us. We can feel the gentle message of love they bring. Butterflies symbolize amazing change and transformation coming for us.

They are sign of Transformation…

And I am ready for one!!!

PS: You need not know about them. You just need to have faith that they know so much more than we do, and that they will show me the way…



Life is Unfair Get Used To It…

Ray of HOPE

You eagerly wait for a new life. You are desperate to remember the person who you love the most. Life & death are two side of the same coin. You never know which on you get to see when!

We all take things for granted; we never want to run out of anything; whether it is phone’s battery, water, electricity or home. But, we easily run out of HOPE. The things which are not under our control, we try to control them to the core. But the most important thing HOPE, which is always under our control; we never even try to think of it.

Why do we lose hope? Do we all really lose it? Or do we just ignore it? Do we really know, what hope is! Do we even want to know? We say we don’t have any hope, then how are we still surviving?

We lose our best friend, teacher, school, our granny, grandpa; we lose everything in our life stage by stage. But we all still lead our life. Isn’t that a sign that we all have hope left in us for something better?! But we still say we don’t have any hope in life.

Don’t you think misery is that greatest sign that we still have hope left. If you are sad about something that means you still believe in something; and you hoped for something better. Isn’t that the major reason for your despair? I always wonder isn’t this hope so much harder then despair? That we just feel hope is no more left in us.  I really feel Hope is a good breakfast but a bad supper.

When a man is in despair, it means that he still believes in something. That in turn means that he still has a hope that things will change and turn out to be what he wants, Doesn’t he?


He was the only one left for me;

I thought I lost him forever & ever.


There came in a voice;

I am here, I am always in here.

Inside you, for you;

Till your last breath is here.



I moved on and on and on;

Thinking that, this is all I am left with,

Despair, Despair & Despair.

There came in a voice;


You are the only one who believes in me;

Don’t lose me now, later forever & ever.


He was the only one left for me;

I thought I lost him forever & ever.


By Akshatha

Photography- A love affair with life…

IMG_7094 IMG_7110 IMG_7121 IMG_7129

Quotes to inspire

5 Ways To Open Your Third Eye…

Perfect one!

While surfing net, found this article about opening one’s third eye… Article from 

The third eye is a mystical and esoteric concept referring to a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight, here’s how to open yours!


Joe Rogan described them as better than Disney Land, he said if people knew how much fun they were, they would be lining the streets to have a go in one!

Getting in the tank is a bit like getting in a coffin, the idea is to deprive all the senses. Total darkness, total silence, oh and of course , the floating. The tank is filled with water and large amounts of Epsom salt rendering you essentially weightless once you get in, with the water heated to body temperature and all other sense deprived it really is probably the closest feeling you will get to floating in space!

The benefits of being in the tank can be felt for days and sometimes weeks afterwards.The tank can be used for a multitude of things, from understanding your deepest self to mentally preparing for a marathon. The tank claims to help users achieve a brain state often only achieved by those who have spent many years perfecting the art of meditation.


Brainwave entrainment is an assisted form of meditation using sound. The premise is that as the two opposing beats synch up so do our minds and bodies.

Supposedly our bodies are naturally synching to rhythms all around us all the time, it’s just we don’t normally notice it.

Ancient teachings have often used this technology, employing the use of things like singing bowls and shamanic drums to help alter the consciousness state of the participant.

Brainwave entertainment claims to create the same brain waves in minutes that traditional meditation may take years for you to achieve.


Developed by Dr. Dirk Proeckl, a Neurologist and Psychologist, and Dr. Engelbert Winkler, a Psychologist and Psychotherapist, the lucid light machine stimulates different parts of the brain, namely alpha waves, this results in an optical experience which is entirely determined by the viewer’s consciousness.

Whilst sitting in front of the light with eyes shut, the viewers’ mind automatically creates a series of images, taking them on their own personal trip, it can be a great way to understand new sides of yourself.

It is claimed it would take many years of meditation practice to achieve a similar experience.


There are many different forms of yoga.

Shiva Yoga is one that concentrates on the opening of the elusive third eye. Yoga is all about aligning and opening the energy wheels in the body, when they are all working correctly you should be time travelling and visiting new dimensions in no time.


Research suggests that as many as one in four people can and will spontaneously have an astral projection at some point in their lives.

Some people claim to have developed the ability to leave their body at will, and they claim they can access different layers of reality in a ghostly form.

Astral projection is an art and a skill that can take many years to develop through spiritual practice and meditation some people achieve similar experiences through the uses of drugs such as DMT.





The Essence of future is filled in each of the cells in these seeds. Lets save it carefully for the better future.

I feel we should have a  very strong visual imagination to see the future which is embedded in these seed…

Future is always in our hands. We choose it,  we Nurture it, we Acquire it.



Created by Akshatha 


Seven Wonders

Seven Wonders

The window to the world bounded with seven magic tools of human life.

The life begins with one basic element, The Cell; the mystery box of all the features of an individual.

This mystery box opens as and when you complete different levels of your life’s journey. Every individual is made of seven elements, when they have all the elements in equal sync, the journey of life is beguiling.

The eye piece for our life is surrounded by seven elements, Patience, Belief, Willing to Share, Love, Desire, Honesty, and Gratitude. Only when all the corners (elements) are in equilibrium state, the view of our life will be remarkable. Any which element/corner is disordered, the whole view of the world would be deceptive.



As they say necessity is the mother of all invention, I would say Inspiration is the mother of all Creative Creation.

One of my recent post {} has given the axe to one of my best buddy Mr. Rishyashringa J.S to write his Innermost Thoughts about life.

This is what he has to say about the photo named under Victory!


I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space!-

Hamlet, Act II, scene II


The universe is plain out of the box crazy! It so huge that it would give Infinity a run for its money, and yet ironically it’s also very small.

It has about 1^22 stars, that’s 1 followed by 22 zeros, 1000000000000000000000 and yet it’s mostly empty.

The universe was built out of absolute nothingness, not even empty space. That’s what I call weird!

It’s about 13 billion years old, give or take a few billion years.

In this seemingly infinite space, exists a tiny speck, it’s called The Sun, and revolving around it is yet another even tinier speck called earth.

This tiny planet, earth, is our home. 

We have that universe in us too. It might seem that we don’t matter in this endless universe, but I beg to differ. Although we are constraint to live on a small patch, surprisingly however we know a lot about the universe. We have seen so far with our telescopes that it’s unimaginable; we have captured the images of atoms, the infinitesimally small building blocks of the universe. We have landed on the moon.

And we are just as weird as the universe, for instance we know when the universe was born and what happened after less than a billionth of a second of its birth, but we don’t know if it will rain tomorrow or not.

 On a scientific note however, the universe is tending towards greater and greater entropy (randomness), and life is exactly doing the opposite of it. Life as I see it is a constant fight against this increasing entropy, every time a wound heals, it’s just your body trying to restore its original state.

It’s as if we are going against the natural order of things. In a way it’s nice to think of it as, winning battles everyday against the universe.

We might be small, but we have seen the universe. We might be fragile but we have landed on the moon. We might be a speck in space, but we dream big, achieve big, and we might be bound in a nutshell but we have the sun in our palms.

Article courtesy of J.S Rishyashringa (The most thoughtful person I have ever met, who has lived up to it. The most Whimsical and punny person I have ever met. 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece



A masterpiece, can be anywhere around you; you just need the right eye and the right time to look into it and recognize it. Sometimes, the master piece just lies within you. It needs the right kind of push in the right channel to Create One.


Care is the thing with hands

That reaches the soul,

And sings the song, with words,

That never stops at all!

The sweetest in the touch is felt;

And more through the gape

That could make you fly

Beyond the sky.

I’ve felt the strongest care,

And the strangest touch;

Yet, never, in trance,

I cease to ask for more Care.


Plate Up.


Photo courtesy of Michelle Weber.

Plate up

vb (adverb)

(Cookery) to put food on a plate, ready for serving.

Plating things up in life takes full Attention to Details and also on what you want to show people in order to impress them or to give them your Perspective of life.

We all are made to lead the same Life providing with the same ingredients. Its is left to ones own Creativity and Imagination to make it look Beautiful and Interesting.

We all are provided with different tasks to be followed in life with some particular time limit, as it is given to these chefs in the picture (left corner of the picture). It is always important to see what all ingredients we have;what we all are good at. Just pile up all these together to make up an wonderful Dish.

It takes great patience and passion to show what you are in life. Just make sure that you use the right kind of energy (ingredients) and good thought; to make it worth full and wonderful.

What is the dish all about? How good is the dish? and how well can you enjoy your dish?

These three things which are related to to each other and also Life. Just replace Dish with Life. And see the magic…

What is Life all about? How good the Life is? How well can you enjoy your life?

It is all inter related with Passion, its with this secret ingredient in life; that makes you create your own life and change it to as good as you want it to be, which intern makes it to enjoy yourself and worth full.

Never Loose Passion to create a dish of your choice with the ingredients that are provided, choice is always yourself. Choose among the ingredients, change accordingly and cherish in your choice.

Passion! Never loose it.

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