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Weekly Photo : Infinity



World is a space, which is impossible to measure. My world is filled with limitless love for my mom, endless care for my dad and Unbounded love for my hubby.

World is a mélange of so many homes. Where every individual has his own small world; which would make this world, even more Infinite.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece



A masterpiece, can be anywhere around you; you just need the right eye and the right time to look into it and recognize it. Sometimes, the master piece just lies within you. It needs the right kind of push in the right channel to Create One.


Care is the thing with hands

That reaches the soul,

And sings the song, with words,

That never stops at all!

The sweetest in the touch is felt;

And more through the gape

That could make you fly

Beyond the sky.

I’ve felt the strongest care,

And the strangest touch;

Yet, never, in trance,

I cease to ask for more Care.


Plate Up.


Photo courtesy of Michelle Weber.

Plate up

vb (adverb)

(Cookery) to put food on a plate, ready for serving.

Plating things up in life takes full Attention to Details and also on what you want to show people in order to impress them or to give them your Perspective of life.

We all are made to lead the same Life providing with the same ingredients. Its is left to ones own Creativity and Imagination to make it look Beautiful and Interesting.

We all are provided with different tasks to be followed in life with some particular time limit, as it is given to these chefs in the picture (left corner of the picture). It is always important to see what all ingredients we have;what we all are good at. Just pile up all these together to make up an wonderful Dish.

It takes great patience and passion to show what you are in life. Just make sure that you use the right kind of energy (ingredients) and good thought; to make it worth full and wonderful.

What is the dish all about? How good is the dish? and how well can you enjoy your dish?

These three things which are related to to each other and also Life. Just replace Dish with Life. And see the magic…

What is Life all about? How good the Life is? How well can you enjoy your life?

It is all inter related with Passion, its with this secret ingredient in life; that makes you create your own life and change it to as good as you want it to be, which intern makes it to enjoy yourself and worth full.

Never Loose Passion to create a dish of your choice with the ingredients that are provided, choice is always yourself. Choose among the ingredients, change accordingly and cherish in your choice.

Passion! Never loose it.

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