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View from the Third Eye

“The third eye (also known as the inner eye) is a mystical and esoteric concept referring to a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. In Hinduism, the third eye refers to the ajna, or brow, chakra.”

Not everyone will be able to see things beyond ordinary sight. You need colossal magnitude of imagination and creativity.

My Buddy, Tilak #bluphoton took this picture of an ordinary edible “Poori Unde” as we call in Kannada, sweet made out of puff rice, Bengal Gram and Jaggery.

puri unde

This incredible photo reminds of the thing that defines you in this universe.


Creativity is a Process of the Soul; it does not need an outcome or a product for the world to accept. It needs only the truth of its own expression. It comes from within and makes of your world whatever you wish it to make.

Don’t be afraid of your own creativity, honor it!

It doesn’t always have to be seen or approved by those around you. It’s an expression of your deep itself and it belongs as much to you as it does to the universe.

All creativity is not for everyone to like of understand. All Art is not up for sale. Some creativity has a bigger role to play. It is to keep you company when you are alone. When you need a friend, when the world doesn’t seem to understand you, your creativity will be the only thing that will keep you inspired and satisfied.”

Honor it to the end!

Photo Credit @bluphoton

The World War III – Happy V/s Unhappy

bigstock-Comedy-TragedyEveryone experiences an unhappy mood or an unhappy occasion, but there is a big difference between people experiencing a short time of unhappiness and people who live with it throughout.

Yes! You heard it right; there are people like this around you.

And, they are called Chronically Unhappy People.

These people are often afraid to admit it; most of their unhappiness stems from their own beliefs and behaviors which they often blame it on others esp., the very next individual available. Be it their best friend, a road side vendor, a watchman, a beggar, anyone for the matter.  They have negative beliefs and behaviors on each and everything available on earth.

I really, cannot handle these breed of People, for the reason that they always beg others for love, respect and attention. And, these are the things which you should earn by yourself rather than begging.

And notice that these CUP’s avoid solitude to the core. Being alone, means dealing with your own true feelings: fear, anxiety, happiness, anger, joy, resentment, disappointment, anticipation, sadness, excitement, despair, and so on. They can’t survive being alone, not because they feel cynical, but they miss out people, whom they can blame on for their feelings.  GET IT!

They constantly feel that the grass is always greener on the other side. They alone want to experience all the happiness in the World. If someone else is happy, they start cribbing about their life, not because they are not happy; but because the other person is happy. They never ever notice that the grass is greener under their own feet too.

Nobody is happy all of the time. And that’s a well known fact. So, stop cribbing about others being happy. They also do experience unhappy feelings; which they wrap up and toss it out, unlike you.

So just GROW UP and Move On!

Love yourself, and for god’s sake, stop comparing yourself with others.

Others may hold your happiness temporarily, but only you can do it permanently.

Hopefully that gives you something for a better change.




Daily Prompt: Fearful Symmetry



As they say necessity is the mother of all invention, I would say Inspiration is the mother of all Creative Creation.

One of my recent post {} has given the axe to one of my best buddy Mr. Rishyashringa J.S to write his Innermost Thoughts about life.

This is what he has to say about the photo named under Victory!


I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space!-

Hamlet, Act II, scene II


The universe is plain out of the box crazy! It so huge that it would give Infinity a run for its money, and yet ironically it’s also very small.

It has about 1^22 stars, that’s 1 followed by 22 zeros, 1000000000000000000000 and yet it’s mostly empty.

The universe was built out of absolute nothingness, not even empty space. That’s what I call weird!

It’s about 13 billion years old, give or take a few billion years.

In this seemingly infinite space, exists a tiny speck, it’s called The Sun, and revolving around it is yet another even tinier speck called earth.

This tiny planet, earth, is our home. 

We have that universe in us too. It might seem that we don’t matter in this endless universe, but I beg to differ. Although we are constraint to live on a small patch, surprisingly however we know a lot about the universe. We have seen so far with our telescopes that it’s unimaginable; we have captured the images of atoms, the infinitesimally small building blocks of the universe. We have landed on the moon.

And we are just as weird as the universe, for instance we know when the universe was born and what happened after less than a billionth of a second of its birth, but we don’t know if it will rain tomorrow or not.

 On a scientific note however, the universe is tending towards greater and greater entropy (randomness), and life is exactly doing the opposite of it. Life as I see it is a constant fight against this increasing entropy, every time a wound heals, it’s just your body trying to restore its original state.

It’s as if we are going against the natural order of things. In a way it’s nice to think of it as, winning battles everyday against the universe.

We might be small, but we have seen the universe. We might be fragile but we have landed on the moon. We might be a speck in space, but we dream big, achieve big, and we might be bound in a nutshell but we have the sun in our palms.

Article courtesy of J.S Rishyashringa (The most thoughtful person I have ever met, who has lived up to it. The most Whimsical and punny person I have ever met. 



Daily Prompt: Victory

Photographers, artists, poets: show us VICTORY.

Daily Prompt: Funny Ha-Ha

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CLEVER.


This Photo was taken in a hill station, nearby residents used this method to protect their switch from continuous rain. Clever isn’t it ?

Daily Prompt: Pants on Fire

Fake Hands

Fake Hands

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FAKE.


Daily Prompt: Viral

Daily Prompt: Viral

The New York Times is going to feature your blog on its home page, and you’ve been asked to publish a new post — it’ll be the first thing tens of thousands of new readers see. Write it.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FIRST.


Daily Prompt: Fifteen Credits- Miss Those days…

FriendsA day starting with a Ride in friend’s bike,  never ending chats is lot better than a day which will begin with hands filled with car keys, lunch box, laptops, official and confidential files and the never ending Phone calls.

The days which never ended with many bunked classes, long walks around school, Now ends with just sitting in front of a system for almost half of the day. Those undefined place to sit and chat with friends and strangers is now confined to 3*3 feet cubical.  Those days though we had zero balance in our Phones we had infinite thoughts to share with friends. Now, though the so called cubical life is provided with 24/7 internet, Phones with both local and International call facility, above all the Smart Phone with eye movement sensors, we have nothing to share with others. Even if provided with, we prefer writing mail to them. We prefer writing an email with attached acknowledgement receipt to those who sits just right next to us.

The world is getting confined with the communication facilities provided by Mark Zuckerberg which connects almost 5 Billion people all over the world. Human rights to communicate with others are also getting confined. School days with no much communicating forum other than talking, whispering and scribbling at the last page of the note book were lot better than the current Smart phones, note pads, instant messages, what’s App, and live chat.

The day, in school life would never end, talking, texting, writing, chatting would go over night.  Now the day ends as soon as you log off your system and punch the biometry at office. School ended, and there were so much work, catch up and discussion to go ahead. Office ends, you want to be alone, melancholic and preoccupied in some old memories and try to end the day with a boring reminder call from office.

Miss those days, where the life never ended and never confined to some external object- defined place and situational talks. Miss School days.

Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Monster


My Garden Spoiler, Green Eyed monster which survived on my Plants.

Plate Up.


Photo courtesy of Michelle Weber.

Plate up

vb (adverb)

(Cookery) to put food on a plate, ready for serving.

Plating things up in life takes full Attention to Details and also on what you want to show people in order to impress them or to give them your Perspective of life.

We all are made to lead the same Life providing with the same ingredients. Its is left to ones own Creativity and Imagination to make it look Beautiful and Interesting.

We all are provided with different tasks to be followed in life with some particular time limit, as it is given to these chefs in the picture (left corner of the picture). It is always important to see what all ingredients we have;what we all are good at. Just pile up all these together to make up an wonderful Dish.

It takes great patience and passion to show what you are in life. Just make sure that you use the right kind of energy (ingredients) and good thought; to make it worth full and wonderful.

What is the dish all about? How good is the dish? and how well can you enjoy your dish?

These three things which are related to to each other and also Life. Just replace Dish with Life. And see the magic…

What is Life all about? How good the Life is? How well can you enjoy your life?

It is all inter related with Passion, its with this secret ingredient in life; that makes you create your own life and change it to as good as you want it to be, which intern makes it to enjoy yourself and worth full.

Never Loose Passion to create a dish of your choice with the ingredients that are provided, choice is always yourself. Choose among the ingredients, change accordingly and cherish in your choice.

Passion! Never loose it.

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